The Angry Gods

I see an eight years old child with leukemia and ask a religious person why God has given her the cancer. He says that it’s all God’s plan and that the God’s plans are mysterious and that we are not capable of understanding them. Her parents tell me that they have no choice except to expect the benevolence of God. Why in the earth do they think in such a complicated manner? Or is it my brain that is not functioning properly?

Thank goodness, for me such an whimsical entity does not exist! I tell them that the question of whether or not I believe in such an angry entity is a wrong question because I am firmly convinced that such an entity does not exist. The question is as wrong as the question – why is Sun green?

Many of the believers of these angry Gods are so used to the extravagant narratives that when asked to worry and act on climate change, they are stunned at such a simple fact that climate of earth is indeed changing. The reality seems so unreal to them, evidences hyper-real! Throw a sensational fake news and they will run after it salivating like a dog after a bone. Climate change and evolution are plain lies for them! I asked one of my friends what he thinks of melting ice caps, he said that it’s God’s wrath. And evolution? A big fat lie. And medicinal herbs? God’s blessings. And medicines? Hard work of men under God’s eyes. And horoscope? God’s hint of the time ahead. And technology? God’s way of helping us. And cancer to an eight year-old child? Volcano? Earthquake? Flood? God’s punishment! Well, go tell him to shove his rules up his throat!

Always remember God they say. Always think of him, pray him, thank him and what not! Else he will get angry at all the petty stuffs you do. They will say that he has a kind heart and always ready to forgive but he creates men who rape children and they say it’s mysterious plan, they will say it’s free will and what not and that the person will be punished. What in the earth man! How does his omnipotence turn into impotence while a six year-old gets raped? And his omnipotence only shows itself during erupting volcanoes to kill millions. Thus always fear him they say! Thank goodness, he is non-existent for me. Such an evil energy with the blackest of hearts they think of and pray of and thank every moment. What is it if not foolish innocence?

Love everyone he says as they say but I can not think of other fictional entity that hates human beings so immensely. The role model himself is the greatest of haters and the greatest of killers. I wonder how such an angry entity became the role model of billions. And how easy to justify the love for this angry entity! The billions of people have divided themselves into more than four thousand groups to tell each other that it is their imaginary master who is the true lover and the rest ones are imaginary. I don’t understand how one is so convinced to consider one’s imaginary friend as real and of the others as imaginary. This whole imaginary thing eats my mind and makes me puke at his immoral rules. How can he, who exists for billions be so infinitely angry and whimsical and kind and loving at the same time! They will say that I am not capable to understand. But is it really me? Is it really me who is thinking in a closed box?

This God is for everyone they say. That his rules are the real ways of human life. All else are phony. I look at the rules critically and most of them are nauseous. Of each and every God’s words. All of them are ridiculous. All of them are power-craving selfish irritating naughts. Reason can only be an antidote to eradicate these brain-eating nothingness. But why would one want its eradication? The well read gentle ones will give twisted reasons that these angry Gods will give peace to their minds. Really, angry imaginary corrupts like these would give one the peace of mind? I seriously doubt. Are these iniquitous dreadful figures to teach us the lessons of morality? I leave the class.

Then the argument comes of not thinking, going beyond thoughts. Well, I can not do that. Why would I want that? I want to think and live life to the fullest. I don’t want to be a slave of these imaginary angry masters.

But then again, since there are thousands of these groups assuming their masters to be the most real; the most human thing would be to tolerate each others’ beliefs. To live harmoniously respecting each others’ angry masters or lack of a master. At least, everyone can do this I believe.

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