Obeying a Command from My Second Grade English Question Paper

6. c. Write an essay on cow. 3


Cow is a herbivorous mammal. It doesn’t actually give us the milk, but we make it ours anyway because of our inherent nature of possessing things as much as we can. We live in South Asia and people here consider the urine and dung of cow to be of a great value. Well, poor people used to make dung-cakes out of dung of cattle to use as fuel. But it seems that Brahmins, the self proclaimed upper caste people of the past taught everyone to eat cow dung. Well, Brahmins were the ones who went to school and wrote books and penned down rulebooks so we don’t know what others had to say about cows in the past. And they didn’t give any satisfiable reasons for eating of cow dung and drinking of its urine. It seems as a value of their whim. I have absolutely no idea as to how and on what grounds did Brahmins consider themselves to be of upper class who taught people to eat shit. It’s quite funny but we are advised not to laugh at cow jokes.

There is a known reason why we are asked not to laugh at cow jokes. Well, I find it shameful but I must say that there are a lot of unemployed people who call themselves cow police (one of them is my uncle’s father in-law too) who find the people making and laughing at cow jokes and beat them. So, these days we make goat jokes. But we don’t laugh much because of the fear that other bunch of unemployed people might form goat police.

Cow is celebrated at our homes during Deepawali. I find it quite tolerable because we indeed use cow to earn money. I just have one problem during this particular cow day, my mother tells me that it’s a goddess; but it is kept as a prisoner the whole year. I find the goddess powerless and those who consider it as goddess cruel.

I love cows. Our teacher says that its milk has less fat than that of buffalo, may be that’s why I don’t like tea made from it. I prefer buffalo milk. But cows eat less and are easy to domesticate, so those who domesticate it love it more than I do.

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