Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – An Online Quack

A man named Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury was an engineer ten years ago. He gave up engineering and got a diploma from some academy and now calls himself a nutritionist. Not actually nutritionist but a doctor because he got his ‘honorary’ degree of Ph. D. from some university (which truly exists!). Since he bears a Ph. D., he would be called Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury henceforth. This person has written many books which he claims to be scientific one of which is called HIV: The Greatest Lie of 21st Century and the Most Profitable Business. He somehow is also a diabetes specialist.

Dr. Bishwaroop Roy Chowdhury spreading his conspiracy theory in a video

Recently, his fame rose because he spoke what many people always wanted to believe – that COVID-19 is a simple flu of insignificance. Who would not want to believe that? Because, once you believe that, all the fears melt down and all the crisis evaporates. He claims that he can cure a COVID-19 patient within 72 hours with fruits. He further claims that if doctors or healthcare system intervene then the case would surely be complicated and the person might die. He has even written a book on the complication that arises due to the intervention of healthcare system called – Why Mortality Rate Drops When Doctors Go On Strike. There are studies that show that the mortality rate either stayed the same or dropped whenever doctors went on strike but the studies acknowledge that durations of strikes were not sufficient to conclude the long term effect of strikes. The fact that the healthcare system and the emergency services have not ever paused functioning even when doctors went on brief periods of strikes is totally ignored by Dr. Chowdhury, the online quack. If you’re looking for alternative ways to manage anxiety, you might want to try CBD for anxiety.

Considering COVID-19 a bioweapon or the result of 5G or so is only our part of the brain that is working to give big answers to the big problems. There is a very tedious aspect of conspiracy theorists. “Albeit to varying degrees, they are speculative in that they posit actions that are hidden from public scrutiny, complex in that they postulate the coordination of multiple actors, and resistant to falsification in that they postulate that conspirators use stealth and disinformation to cover up their actions – implying that people who try to debunk conspiracy theories may, themselves, be part of the conspiracy (Lewandowsky et al., 2015).” Thus, it is very difficult to debunk these conspiracy theories which are circulating around the internet. Many of them even calling COVID-19, a myth. Before falling into these conspiracy theories, it is only reasonable to listen to the actual experts and reliable news sources. The identification of reliable sources is another important aspect.

Tunnel, Dark, The Shadow Men, Men In Black, Weird

Conspiracy theorists and religious extremists or fascists create their own open network in which only specific information is allowed to flow with the air of authenticity. Whatever goes against the biases of the network is called a lie. So, it is entirely up to an individual to figure out the authenticity of the source.

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