Finding a True Babaji to Make Your Dreams Come True

Once, my aunt’s Babaji who is also her Guruji made a scientific statement to the mass about why we must not eat during solar eclipse and later my aunt told me what he told. He told that there are bacteria all around us even on our foods and sunlight helps in killing those and during eclipse moon blocks a large amount of sunlight reaching the earth and hence the bacteria flourish on our foods and we must not consume them. I asked my aunt, ‘what about the salad we eat on a normal night? Or during a cloudy day?’

Pythagoras, a great mathematician who was also a Babaji-equivalent in his times founded a religion whose rules were quite interesting some of which are as follows (from A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell):

  • To abstain from beans.
  • Not to pick what has fallen.
  • Not to touch a white clock.
  • Not to break bread.
  • Not to step over a crossbar.
  • Not to stir the fire with iron.
  • Not to eat from a whole loaf.
  • Not to pluck a garland.
  • Not to sit on a quart measure.
  • Not to eat the heart.
  • Not to walk on highways.
  • Not to let swallows share one’s roof.
  • When the pot is taken off the fire, not to leave the mark of it in the ashes, but to stir them together.
  • Do not look in a mirror beside a light.

From the mind of Pythagoras, we can understand that some words of Babaji might be purely rational while others plainly stupid. And your job is to forget or forgive the stupid ones but not stop listening to him or following him.

There are two kinds of Babajis/ Devijis – true and fake. The difference between them is that fake Babaji has relatively small number of followers and is relatively bad in communication with his bhakts while true Babaji has a large number of followers, comes on TV, has an online video channel, speaks English and is great in communication with his bhakts. It is not an easy job to find a true Babaji for the proper guidance in your life. How can you live your life on your own without being interfered by Babajis if you are a Hindu (Mullahs if you are a Muslim and Padres if you are a Christian and so on)?

You must first realize that this life is not your own. It is given to you as a gift by some invisible power who also sometimes gives cancer to eight year-old children to show that how mysteriously he works. You must know that you have to be slave of someone, you just can’t be free. The invisible power is your ultimate master who gives you all the happiness and all the pain as Babajis will tell you, but you can’t communicate with the invisible master so you must have a visible master of whom you can be a slave and a boot-licker in the name of inspiration, spirituality, life art and what not. You must not even imagine of living your life in your own terms, be a fan of a Babaji and help in spreading his self fabricated pseudo-scientific knowledge.

Be a fan of which Babaji? This is the biggest question. Which Babaji is going to help you make your dreams come true? If a Babaji tells you to eat oranges to be successful, then that Babaji is certainly a fake one for a true Babaji will always ask you to eat bananas twice daily. A true Babaji will talk about Quantum Mechanics and Genetics by making twisted assumptions in the very beginning and coming to a false conclusion which will make you feel like – Babaji also knows science and science seems baby knowledge in front of Babaji’s. A true Babaji will always smile during conversation even if the Babaji is angry. A true Babaji will always tell you to be happy with whatever you have but will give phony reasons for his Mercedes or kingly bungalow or expensive tickets to his program.

There are many true Babajis in South Asia. You can go to any one to lick boots. Listen carefully to what they say, they are the rules of life. You may be knowing some of the rules beforehand which are moral rules like not to steal and not to hurt others. The new rules which you get to learn, which are almost Pythagorean, are important to memorize like not to direct your head towards north while sleeping and stuffs like that. Follow them properly to keep your minds occupied. Some Babajis, in addition to frying your brains will also show you some magic like giving you ashes by crushing a tablet he hid between his fingers and things like that which you take your home to become successful.

Babajis are the integral part of our society and they must be treated with respect for blunting our minds and narrowing our intellect. All of them. For fake Babajis are on their way to become true Babajis.

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