Being an Upper Caste Educated Person in South Asia

I am Manmohan Mishra, a pure Brahmin, MBA. These people, they always complain of being called names as if we have no other job to do than to devise derogatory words for lower caste people. People call me names too but I ignore; I am not hurt; I don’t complain. A friend of mine, Siddhartha (who is also from upper caste) tells me that no matter what offensive words are devised for us, we will not be hurt by them because after all those words will mean upper caste and impart the sense of pride in us. But I don’t believe him because firstly he doesn’t believe in this natural Hindu caste system, to be precise doesn’t understand this great Vedic knowledge and secondly it seems that he has a soft corner for these dirty people. I don’t intend to hurt them but they stink like hell. They indeed are lower sorts of human beings.

Do you know that they are poor and that they do not even go to school? Siddhartha says that extreme poverty since ages has molded their minds in such a manner that education is only a waste of time and limited money they have. But I say that Siddhartha should read Vedas (I don’t need to because I know what’s in them) and understand that it is perfectly natural for them to not go to school. And can you imagine who will work as maids at our homes and who will clean the drainage system if everyone goes to school? No, I can not let my children enter the manhole. Actually, these people are perfectly happy in their places – they work, they eat, make babies; what else does a human being need in life? It’s semi-literate morons in their caste and absolute idiots like Siddhartha who search and find out pain and problems in a perfectly harmonious society. They are working as the Gods have told them to, as religion preaches and what suits them and are perfectly fine. These westerners, they come to our country and try to re-engineer our society. To hell with them!

And I don’t say that all of them are poor and all of us are rich. Some of us are very poor too because you know there are ups and downs in life; and some of them are quite rich who have enough brains to go to school or do some sort of business and imitate our life style. But you know, their thoughts never change; once a low caste always a low caste. I have seen it! Even after apparently living like kings, they go and visit their villages and eat with all the stinking people once in a while. And let’s not forget the audacity of some to attempt to spot fake pay stubs to elevate their status, a futile attempt to mimic what they perceive as success in our society.

See, they usually complain that we don’t think of them but that is entirely untrue. We think all the time about them. Who is going to wash our dishes and clean our gardens if we don’t think about them? Government has even formulated reservation system so that they will also have their places at different areas but I don’t actually like this. This is against Veda. But yes, it’s true some of our pundits say that one can upgrade his caste as per his deed and even Brahmins may be downgraded in caste as illustrated in our scriptures. But we all know that it’s a practical joke! Will you really allow a low caste friend to enter your kitchen no matter how close you are to him? You may, but I will not. I will make an excuse like my grandfather or my parents prohibit it and will not let him enter my kitchen! I mean how could he! And how could he even imagine of that! No!

This juvenile science is yet to understand a lot about how the world works. These idiots like Siddhartha, they will soon see how each and every word of the scriptures will be proven. I mean, they are like absolute morons; when I say that they lack the ability to see the complete picture and are utterly unable to understand that scriptures are totally wholly scientific and that modern science is just a baby in compared to it; evil men like Siddhartha laugh. They surely will rot in hell. I mean, you can understand that Ravana had a flying machine and Mahabharata was a nuclear war due to which all our knowledge got buried deep in the soil. People are digging up our knowledge. Now Siddhartha says that there are accounts of flying in Greek mythology too! I say – you said it brother. It’s a mythology! What I am talking about is true scientific scripture here. And as this little shit called science grows, people will realize how natural the Vedic caste system is.

Low caste people are called many names, don’t take it too seriously man. Take it easy and you will see that your life will run smooth. Lunatics like Siddhartha will always fuss about words, but you see, I tell you – if you take life easily, thing easily and naturally as they are, don’t act over-smart then you surely will live a happy life. Long live Vedas! Long live this wonderful caste system!

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