The Art of Harassing a Girl without Even Knowing It

I must tell you that I am really good at this. At talking with girls. I am obviously physically attractive and have a nice vehicle and that makes me a chick-magnet! It’s not easy to handle girls, you must know. All of them are different and need different tactics. First of all in this game, you will have to make yourself attractively presentable and for that I will give you some tips – take care of your hairstyle, you must look modern; wear noticeable clothes and shoes and mask your body odor with a good quality deodorant. Then what you need is a whole lot of confidence. And finally, a girl to harass. The trick is that you shouldn’t know that you are harassing a girl or even if you realize that you are then know that it’s fine.

If you want a girl, then confidently go close to her and make a one-liner joke. If she laughs at it, then it’s a green signal brother. And if she doesn’t laugh at it then it’s still a green signal for she wants you to make another joke which means she likes you talking to her. Now, some girls will laugh at your first joke and still act like ignoring you; don’t worry it’s natural. They know what men want and they want it too! They are just testing your patience. Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish, brother, just like John Quincy Adams said. If the girl is acting like going away from you and disliking you then follow her till you get her name, email, number or any manner of contact to try your luck even when you are away from her. If she gives you her phone number then it’s easy for you but if she gives only her name or email then search her on the internet, talk to her like you just want to talk to her as if talking with her makes you a better person and get her phone number. After you get her number, call her. These are easy ways of contact brother. Most of the times, things are quite difficult. The girl you want to do the thing with will not give you any hint at all and just escape from you. That’s when the improvised tricks are required. You need to follow the girl and find her girlfriends, see who she hangs around with. Know her friends and contact them if necessary. Never let a girl you like, go out of your hand till your last breath till you get the girl and do the thing you want. Even if you need to take extremely tricky measures like emotionally blackmailing her by making up fake stories about yourself, then do it artfully. If your patience crosses its limit and she doesn’t respond positively then show her place by your verbal power, tell her what she really is – a nothing, a toy for you.

You see a girl passing by then will you let her go just like that without having some fun? No, brother, no. Have some fun in this life. Tell her things to turn her red. Better, if you are in a group. Isn’t it amazing to see her turning red and angry by your mere words? Go and touch her a little if you desire more fun. Oh, she will run away like a hare! What a scene to witness! Catch her if you can and tell her what you want to do with her. That makes you a real macho – a real man.

Now, if you are in a public vehicle near a girl and you want to know how her body feels like on touching then go for it. But don’t go straight, make it look unintentional like using your elbow to touch instead of hand or using your thighs and knee to press against her body. If she turns to you and gives an angry look then look away or look directly in the eyes and smile. Know that she will never know for sure whether you are intentionally feeling her body or unintentionally. Things get easier for you if the vehicle is crowded. Then you can use your hand too for the girl will not know whose hand it is.

If you are the boss in the office then you are a king man! You are the king! You see a girl whose buttocks you like and you want to slap them then go and do it, man. Unemployment is on the rise and people love their jobs especially these girls who are aspiring to be independent. Go on the adventurous physical explorations you like to. Always keep zero distance with your female employees while talking about anything. You will certainly easily find one or two who will go to the ultimate adventure with you. After all, you have their jobs in your hand. Brother, you are the king so act like it.

The main thing here to understand is that all you want from a girl is her body to entertain you. Why else do you think they are for? Individuals? Brother, they are not individuals; they are the pleasing machines who give birth to babies once in a while. They are made to please you and serve you. No matter, how developed a society may seem a girl should be shown her place. She is for you. And you, you are also not supposed to be weak to let them do whatever they like. Man, do you understand what happens if they are set free? They will not fear you and not please you whenever you desire. You can not have a girl you desire, you will have to face rejections, more exercise would be required. So, it’s mandatory that you keep her under your control; she here means any girl you see so that she yields to your wishes.

Some people will tell you that your sister is also a girl and your mother is also a woman! Man, the lame logic. Damn them!


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