The Mind-blowing Loudspeakers

I work all day to survive. While working, I cannot think of anything else than my own and my family’s empty stomachs. Actually, I don’t get time to think of anything else. Then after I reach my home in the evening, the preachers through the loudspeakers tell me loud and clear that virgins are waiting for me somewhere far away from this planet in a place where sadness does not exist. They scream aloud to make me understand that this life is an examination set up by someone extremely powerful who is invigilating my life meticulously to decide if I am going to get virgins in a peaceful world or burn in a hot place after my death. The all powerful one who is conducting this examination has already leaked the question and answer both they say and now it is up to me whether I am going to open the answer book and follow accordingly or not. This all seems confusing to me early in the morning but again in the evening the preachers with their shrill voices through the loudspeakers prevent me from going astray.

There are many rules in the answer book he has provided. I am not allowed to do many things even if I want to. That I should control myself. I should keep the female members of my family under clothes so that no one could see them and restrict them from enjoying various aspects of life. I am being unable to say this in a good manner but preachers – they are champions in making every word they speak look good and right even if it is about killing people. There are many of my friends who follow rule books different than mine. It is not that different except for the specifics. One thing is very common among us, if we find something nonsense in the rulebooks we consult our preachers – for they make us understand how to think in a twisted way and how the all powerful and all knowing one is conducting this examination in a mysterious way.

Now see, I don’t know about your version of all powerful and all knowing one but mine one is dying for praise. If I don’t pray him many times a day, if I don’t call his name every now and then then he is going to get very-very angry as my preacher says through the loudspeakers. I believe my preacher. Firstly because I feel pity for his screams; if I don’t follow him then he might very well die in vain. Secondly, if he is really right (if he is wrong then it doesn’t matter) then I am going to get into a peaceful world where I won’t have to work. I am very tired after all, working every day. And there comes special days in this examination where I have to abstain from eating! Tough and ruthless question setter is the all powerful one. I get irritated by these damn rules but again after I reach home in the evening the preacher tells about the health benefits and twisted things that I cannot grasp about staying hungry and my hunger goes away. I sometimes think that it should be left on us even if it indeed has health benefits as to stay hungry or not but the preacher again convinces me otherwise, reminds me of the reward I am going to get.

The preachers through the loudspeakers speak so loud about the fire of some place called hell that they make me feel as if I am in hell, as if they are telling some horror story. See, that is also the reason I follow the instructions of the rulebook; who is going to take risk of going to that awful place! I sometimes doubt whether such place exists but my preacher forbids me from doubting and asking proper questions. But the preacher knows that some people doubt the existence of those awesome and awful places so he adds that the rulebook also helps in leading a happy life on earth. This is a big practical joke but I am not allowed to laugh at it otherwise my preacher will ask the people around me to stone me till death. The preacher is going to blow my brains anyway, either through loudspeakers or in person.

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