Beings Who Mother Children of Men

My name is Zid and I am going to tell you about a breed of human beings who after a certain age of around twelve bleed every month. There are eight of these beings at my home. I call one of them my mother, two of them my aunts, two of them my sisters and three of them my cousins. These are human beings who cook food for us and take care of us and when we reach adulthood or around it we bring one or more of these beings to please us too as my friends tell me. The beings at my home are not allowed to show even their faces outside of home thus they are to cover themselves up totally if going outside.

Regarding the hiding of these beings under a cloth, my sister asked my father why she is not allowed to wear whatever she likes like they do in television and also added that some people on television were calling this covering up of whole body as against women. I must tell you that these beings when young are called girls and later as ladies or women or females and something like that. My father told her, ‘whoever tells you that you should wear whatever you like, tell them that you like to cover your body because God says so and because you want it.’ She said, ‘But I don’t want it.’ That day, my father disciplined her very well with green bamboo stick and taught her that it is God who has decided so. That was also the day when my father sold the only television at our home. That was also the day when I clearly realized what place these beings belong to and how they should be controlled. I also realized that if these beings are not properly trained to tackle the words of men and women of other places and culture, then things might turn bad for us men.

My father says that these beings should be shown an optimum amount of affection so that they don’t turn against men and should always be put under control so that they don’t slip out of hands. When I was young and foolish, I had asked my father why these beings are not allowed to live life as much as us. He told me that God has given them a feature as a sign for us men to understand that these beings are impure. The sign is that their private parts bleed every month! Do we need more concrete evidence than that to understand that these beings are inferior ones and cursed ones and always need the guidance of us men to live their primitive life? And it is duty of us men to use them wisely for our pleasure and for procreation. These beings must not under any circumstances be left wild to go untamed otherwise they are not going to agree with the rules we have made to use them for our good.

My mother, who is also one of these inferior beings as I have already told you agrees with my father. She has been fed since her childhood that she is weak and constantly under threat by men and that she can not protect herself and that she is inferior being and that she should dedicate her life towards the service of men and now she fully believes in these. Whenever, any of my sisters try to go out of track then most of the times it is my mother who show them their places. It is my mother who is making them realize that they indeed are inferior sorts of human beings. She is preparing my eldest sister these days to please her soon to be husband. Husband is the true and permanent master of these beings (Father and brothers are temporary masters till they ripe).

A husband has all the right to do anything he likes with these beings. He mostly uses her for his own pleasure and for the production of children. He keeps her under his control and threatens to leave her if she doesn’t comply. It has been taught to her properly and most of these beings follow it strictly how to be of service to men. Some of these beings who do not comply are even terminated once in a while. There are countries with people and even in my country there are corrupt people with no morality who raise their voices against these God’s rules. They all shall be judged and will live in hell till eternity. And if these people make noise too much, they shall be terminated too.

It is an age of Internet and the things which are put forward as God’s rules must be put carefully because corrupt people always keep on criticizing them and shake the beliefs of some of our people too with poor upbringing. While talking about these beings – women, we must all be very careful. All of the rules should be polished which are soothing to their eyes. Some of the rules will always disturb them, and it can’t be helped. Many of our people are shedding many beliefs which they think are unnecessary, many of them are even sending their daughters to school! The sheer stupidity of it. I am never going to do that. I believe in logic and reason and God’s rules. A dog should be treated as a dog and an inferior being as an inferior being. It is utterly useless and stupid teaching a monkey how to speak human language and sending girls to school is not less stupid.

They are meant to live their lives under our guidance and in our service, for our pleasure and to carry our kids. And they must do so. And we must make them do so.

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