God in a Pandemic Like COVID-19

For the believers, who could spew venom against the believers with different God all day and night, God’s action or role may be or have been one or more of the following in a pandemic like COVID-19.

He could have begun the pandemic to demonstrate his mysterious ways.

Well, if you ask a devout believer why God causes cancer upon which she would probably respond that God works in mysterious ways. What a frogging mystery! First, he causes a mutation in the virus then chooses some animals as its reservoir. The virus takes a leap from the reservoir to humans in China then spreads all over the world. God enjoys the show. Believers are in deep confusion. God’s plan worked on demonstrating his mysterious ways.

God does not have any role in this, the devil just defeated him temporarily.

Well, the devil caused this. God tried to stop it but couldn’t. The devil struck Him to unconsciousness and after He wakes up reinvigorated, everything will be just fine. God is just not omnipotent as one might misbelieve.

God is a kind of energy or force and people like me should shut the frog up.

Well, God is a kind of energy. He from time to time comes down to earth to possess some humans to convey his message to the rest of mankind. His message is written as sacred books by the elites. And some insolent fools adulterate its original version while God roams around the universe as energy or force unaware of that or even if aware then powerless to check that. The elites, however, always follow the original texts. A questioner like me does not possess enough intellect to comprehend those texts. One needs to throw all her critical faculty of questioning to the dustbin before reading those texts in order to correctly understand and interpret them or to be confused by the sheer mysterious messages of them.

So, by this argument, God is spineless to check the spread of COVID-19.

God is testing the potential of the healthcare system evolved over these years.

Like all other problems in human life, this one is also an examination. This examination is particularly designed for healthcare providers and systems to test their capacity to handle a situation like this. At the cost of thousands of lives (with the death toll rising daily in an alarming manner). But God is not to be blamed for their sacrifice. He is frogging invulnerable to reason.

God wanted to heal mother earth which was polluted by humans.

Too much of the pollution had caused harm to many human lives, but people say that mother earth is harmed. Well, let’s just agree to that with no question. Mother earth was will. She needed to recover from this illness. The only way was to impose a lockdown on human society. Thus, the pandemic for the healing of the earth.

Interestingly, those are the devout believers who usually do not believe in climate change and call it hocus-pocus and it is the science and the scientific society that wants governments to act to mitigate the problem. But who cares until God brings a pandemic, causes almost a global lockdown and environment seem to be healing (for humans, but they would say for earth). And even these pictures of healing earth are from the scientific society and not from the padres, mullahs or pundits.

God is a sadistic a*hole who derives pleasure by inflicting pain on humans.

There are certain sects of people who consider God to this – a sadistic a*hole.

Or God does not exist.

Or there are people like me who consider God to be just a fantastic idea causing only harm and no good. Not all questions are right. The question like “Why is the Sun cubical?” is a wrong question. Similarly, “Do you believe in God?” is a wrong question for me. Because it does not exist at all. And wherever it does, that is in human minds, it is usually the source of negativity.

May this pandemic be a lesson to all that only science has the potential to salvage humans from pain and distress. Science is salvation.

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