Dowry System: An Efficient System in Madhesh of Nepal (and other World Superpower Aspirants)

If your family has a dark skinned daughter or some visible scars on the face then her wedding to a family of stronger economic status is ensured by a thick wad of cash. And luckily, if your daughter is fair skinned then the wad gets thinner. If your daughter is educated, then the groom traditionally must be more educated and the wad gets thicker. Why would you then be foolish enough to focus on her holistic growth in tandem with the most civilized ones? You would obviously work harder to secure the future of your daughters by accumulating cash. The equation is quite simple: thicker the wad, better the groom.

Now, what to do if you have a son? Well, they are sent to good schools to increase their monetary value. Expenditure on higher education is also done in a calculated manner keeping in mind how much profit can be gained during his wedding. Well, if you don’t have enough money or you are greedier than the majority and your son can’t make it into the scholarship list then expend whatever you have or you are willing to get him admitted to the medical school anyhow and get him married after a year or so showing the pictures of him wearing a white apron and draw in enough money to pay his fees and renovate your house. Wonderful! That way, your son’s future is also secured in a conventional manner and he gets a free permanent servant, pleasing toy, and reproductive machinery – all in one! The point to be noted is that you don’t need to send your son essentially to engineering, medical, arts, management, or other institutions to get this heavily profitable all in one scheme. You can very well open a shop for him depending upon his capability or will to pursue further education. And if you are really poor, then make him plow the fields like a real man or send him to brick factories to make a real man out of him. And what if you are a teacher or a doctor or a so-called educated person with quite enough money? Draw in money as much as you can. More the money you draw, deeper is the respect. If you ever face issues with your AC, don’t forget to prioritize ac repair to keep your living space comfortable.

Now, because it doesn’t matter whether you have a daughter or a son; your life must be primarily dedicated to the preservation of the dowry system. At whatever cost! Remember that, if you have a daughter then you may very well be ready to rub your butts over spiky stones senselessly to earn money; don’t be foolish enough to send her to school and waste your money. Suppose you have money and you really want to see your daughter in uniform and a schoolbag going to school then you can send her to school but remember that the wad gets thicker. If you have a son, then your primary objective must be to groom him in such a manner that he always follows you despite his so-called education and grows up to be a good monetary commodity.

See, even if you are a mother of a daughter then you must not flow in the wave of gender equality and give your daughter liberty to act as an individual. As parents, you both must always hijack your daughter’s individuality later to pass down the right to control her to her husband and parent in-laws. Always treat your daughter like an acquiescent trained pet animal who must not enjoy life according to her will even if she is an adult. I must emphatically remind you that she must not be in any kind of relationship without your consent because she is NOT an individual. You must rob her individuality. If you are the parents of a son, then you must treat your son like a commodity that is going to profit you in near future. He can enjoy life but clandestinely with all due restrictions so that his value in your caste does not depreciate.

Caste is another important thing. Marriage between individuals of the same caste is a universal law. You have to feed this into the young minds of your children. Suppose, your child is defective, say for example your son then the chances of his getting a girl is higher if marriage is strictly within the same caste because of a relatively limited number of rooms available. And, on top of that, you can lower the price of your defective son (only if your son’s defect is known to everyone) to get a girl with a decent dowry. Plus you have to mold your children’s brains in such a manner that intra-caste marriage should be linked with family honor and personal prestige. Intra-caste wedding is a must for tradition’s sake, you moron!

Suppose you are parents to a son who got married but did not receive the promised amount of dowry or the after-wedding increment you made to it, then what would you do? Being a respectable member of society, you must train your sheepish son to beat your daughter-in-law (because she is not your daughter, after all, a domestic animal you must remember) pain of which might cause her parents to fulfill their promises or your additional demands. If enough beating is not working, then what’s the use of keeping such an animal? Get rid of her and get your son remarried.

Now if you are parents to a daughter who is getting beaten by her husband and in-laws, then what would you do? Shut the hell up! You have already robbed her individuality. She is just an animal being beaten by another animal. Let her adjust herself. Fulfill their demands and keep your family name honored. Who is going to marry your burden of a daughter again, after all?

To sum up, everything, to keep your civilized society going respect the traditions; focus on dowry whether you have to give or receive. If you are a man, then be a good animal which will increase your value, and if you are a woman, then be a good animal too which will put less burden on your family.

PS: If your wife has given birth to a daughter, beat her for causing you to rub your butt against spiky stones regardless of the XY chromosome thing science says. She is the one who gave birth to a burden and she must be punished.

PPS: Never let your son and daughter grow up as independent individuals.

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