Celebration of Corruption

Are you to get married in an arranged manner and live in South Asia? Do you have a government job? If yes, then your chances of getting a girl you like is higher? Does your job provide you a convenient platform for under the table money? Yes! My goodness, you are the perfect guy for the parents of a girl in South Asia! And on top of that, if you do not have even an iota of decency then you are going to get a thick wad of cash as dowry! You are going to be malamaal, dude.

This is the region in the world, I don’t know much about others, where everybody despises corruption unless they themselves or their fathers and in-laws are doing it. A man as a Chief District Officer, for example is the gem of the society less for what he does and more for the potential he has to extort money. And, a corrupt person is hated for what he does and feared and respected for the same.

Minds are so much well adapted to the corrupt climate that, falling in a queue is an insult and bribing an officer is a clever move. The job of a good wife is to take care of her husband and his black money, to shut up her mouth at all times and flaunt the expensive jewelry. Apart from this, if she is a wife of an officer of lower rank then cook food by herself.

The chief of a hospital, Medical Superintendent is good friends with two people, the accountant and the storekeeper. And the three do all the necessary monetary fun – the dhamaal and contribute to ailing health services. Similarly, the headmaster of a school is good friends with the president of the management committee. And, so on. Now, when the main players of the game are known to all, then the persons who are to appoint them and influence their deeds don’t leave all the game to them. They receive their due shares in due time. And the cycle of corruption goes on by shutting up the smallest players – the pawns by feeding them some grains.

A doctor becomes a government doctor through tough competition to build up a platform for his private practice. And the patients will queue up in his private clinic, ironically they will exclaim – oh he’s a government doctor! Yes, there is security in government jobs but the potential for corruption is the major incentive. Most of the government teachers become government teachers so they will have to teach less and with minimum effort. There are exceptions, yes if searched meticulously.

And the government, what does it do? It observes and participates in the corruption. Most importantly, it promotes corruption. And the family members of corrupt people, what do they do? You know what a person does with a lot of easy money. Celebrate. Celebrate life to its fullest. And give motivational speeches to people around them with a supercilious attitude.

Government jobs lure three kinds of people, first are those who primarily want to live a plain, simple and secure life and second are those who predominantly want to exhibit and exert their power and third are those who principally want to get filthy rich. Getting really rich only and fairly with a government job is practically impossible. Thus he employs the unfair means.

Now, it is not that corruption only happens with government institutions. Corruption may happen at all places but it happens at government institutions to such a great extent that it is awe-inspiring.

The saddest activity among all this chaos is the celebration of corruption and validating it. Praising a person who doesn’t fall in line. Inspiring a person who bribes and gets things done easy way. It’s deeply saddening and if your near ones are corrupt, then take a moment and cry your heart out. And tell them to stop this shit right now with all the courage you can muster.

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