Your Recreation, His Work

After working for the whole year, you decide to get lost in a planned manner at least for a week into the wild mountains. You take all the things you need, pack your bags and set out on your journey. But you don’t know the path, you don’t know where to go and your luggage is too heavy to carry on the steep hills. So you hire a porter to carry your stuffs and lead you. Paining your muscles and sweating up pleases you. And you are paying the porter to do the same. You both are doing the same thing actually while you spend and he earns.

It doesn’t matter what you do; if you do not enjoy doing it then it becomes your boring work. You work for your livelihood in order to do things you really like. It is indeed difficult to make time to do things you really like. But should you repress all your desires by simply accepting the bondage various circumstances have offered you and turn a blind eye to your passion? Imagine Picasso not following his passion. He would have become a professor and we would not be talking about him. Imagine Einstein embracing his work at patent office gracefully as this office have a good environment and even sliding walls for partitions. Imagine James Cameron still working as a truck driver and Rajinikanth as a bus conductor.

But! But!! Would you like to be a porter just because you love mountaineering? Is being a professor or a patent officer not an achievement? Are the jobs of truck driver and bus conductor bad?


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