Beauty Pageant: To Prove that I am Just an Object

When I was a child, everyone called me cute. As I grew up, people began calling me beautiful. Boys they talked to me in a different manner than with other girls. I could see in their eyes that they were feeling lucky to talk with me. Many of my school girlfriends were even jealous with me for my beauty. Now I am nineteen; I am beautiful and I know it. But not everyone seems to be acknowledging it. Like the other day Sushma and Amit were arguing with me about the picnic location we had decided (I had chosen) as if they were equals to me. I mean they are my equals, but my beauty matters and they should know it. I must tell you that these are not the only two, there are other few people too who seem to be dismissing my beauty while speaking to me! And I am not a cheap girl to go atop a building and scream that I am beautiful and you should treat me with higher respect for that. There is a finer way to do that and that’s beauty contest as you know it.

The best thing for me about these beauty pageants is that many of my friends are not even eligible to participate in these contests because of their physical features. It’s like I am already the local winner! If you are thinking that these contests will only look at my body then no, you are wrong. In their initial days they did so but as feminism rose, to keep their businesses going the organizers incorporated other judging criteria for a female to be beautiful like talent and intelligence and what not. I don’t like these parts but I can learn. I am not dumb after all.

Whatever be the additional criteria, I must make you clear that my body plays the major role. Who will be the audience and how will the organizers earn money if my physical features are not given the highest importance? They have made their rules and standards of a beautiful body and I have it! That’s what matters. That’s how people are called beautiful and should be called so. These days, some people come in claiming that beauty lies in other stuffs too! You know that’s not true. These rules and standards should be fed more efficiently in all the human minds since their infancy I say. Many people just seem to be breaking the rules while calling someone beautiful.

These pageants are just the best things in this entire universe I think. I don’t have to speak, the organizers themselves tell the whole world that the winner is the most beautiful. Even if I fall in the top thirty, that won’t be bad. At least people like Sushma and Amit will learn what lies in me – beauty! Because I went on the stage claiming myself beautiful and the judges they said, ‘yes dear yes, you can speak good English too.’

It is also the best way to tell the whole world that we females are just objects, kind of showpieces and/or of daily use. But by polishing it with other criteria of judgement so as to make it look like it’s for the upliftment of women. It’s definitely uplifting! It definitely uplifts a girl like me to be the best object around. My body becomes the cause of awe and gaping mouths of the audience when I am on stage! Can I be more uplifted in other ways? I also want to tell you that people will come to offer me to become actress and what not, those are just additional benefits. If I really was into acting, I would join acting classes. But once you are crowned Miss this and that then it doesn’t matter whether you can act or not, you can be an actress just like that. Or a social worker and what not.

So after the best treatment by the audience, the organizers and the judges as an object I can also get an opportunity to work in art and other industries. Isn’t that just wonderful – my body doing the major magic of the show and setting a standard of beauty for ugly insolent girl like Sushma?

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