COVID-19 Pandemic: Will it End?

Thanks to the Internet, everyone knows about coronavirus disease 2019 more than the other one. The mutated new royal virus wearing crown emerged from the live animal market of Wuhan, China in November 2019 infecting humans and spread to the whole globe within few months. As if the virus desires to conquer the earth and transform it into its own image of a globe with dead human bodies as spikes.

A twenty year old boy, follower of Islam, made a bold claim to me that it is a lesson to those who have persecuted Muslims by Allah unaware of the fact that Iran had fallen ill too. A mullah informed him of that and I wondered how he could’ve believed it despite Internet. It appears as if the propagated misinformation nullifies the information leaving the gullible yet in the stone age.

People who first were quite excited to treat coronavirus with cow urine in India have been sedated by a small dose of common sense. The news channels in India who were busy minting money by showing Hindu-Muslim debates are running sensational conspiracy theories now and propagating the opinions of halfwits like Ramdev and Jaggi Vasudev.

The confidence of United States President has lowered substantially. China appears to have almost completed the fight against the virus giving a hope to others that it might end. Right now, it is selling and donating testing kits and medical equipment to rest of the world. But the statistics have depressed many.

Except for China, the cases seem nowhere to be in declination. The question pertaining to the end of this pandemic has a quite simple answer. Even if it is left to spread with no fight against it, it will end for certain but at the cost of millions of lives.

But humanity doesn’t seem to be leaving the battlefield against the virus yet. The leaders across the world have brought the life to a standstill and have employed scientific tactics to fight the disease. The reasonable ones among the pundits, priests, padres, rabbis, monks and mullahs have yielded in front of science.

And so should everyone. For, from a real dire situation as this, only science can cause salvation.

As an individual, out of selfish motive not to be infected, one can contribute extraordinarily to the society through ordinary means by staying at home. Staying at home and social distancing greatly helps in limiting the disease and increasing the efficiency of humanity to fight against it. And end the pandemic as soon as possible. So, all of it depends upon you. Yes, you!

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