A Bullshit Called Earth Day

COVID-19 is a nature’s curse on human beings. What in the earth? Do you think that nature is busy thinking about you? Do you think that you polluting the earth makes it feel polluted? No, sir, no. The pollution is for you! Because it is going to harm you. The earth gives a flying frog to your human pollution.

And that the earth is healing now during this lockdown! She was never hurt, man. You were hurt. And, you are healing.

The sheer insolence of human beings that they celebrate earth day! What the frog! It is rather a human being day. The earth is weeping and crying and all those bullshit! The earth gives a flying frog to you!

There’s a drought. The earth doesn’t care. You are affected. A pandemic! It’s you who will die. Air gets polluted, the ozone layer gets breached – the earth doesn’t give a frog! It’s you who is going to die. Don’t bring in the earth and fill her with your fake sorrow. She doesn’t care about your whimpers, man. Just be grateful that she has not disintegrated yet.

And you ask your child to draw a picture of weeping earth, you impertinent nincompoop! It is your child who is going to weep if you pollute the earth. The earth is just unconcerned about your filling of poisons in air and water or scattering of your muck on land.

If you really want to celebrate earth day, then just thank her with no drama. She doesn’t care about your gratitude either. If you do bad things, you and your children will suffer. Don’t drag in the earth in your mess and portray her sad.

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