Hatred Out of Love

Why do you think ISIS goes on killing people? It is because of the pure love. Pure love towards their religion.

Everyone knows that love is blind because one behaves irrationally in love. Falling in love is the easiest thing a human being can do because of its nature. But only falling in love doesn’t suffice. One must keep his/ her ability to reason alive.

If a rich family is living beside a poor family who are having an excruciatingly painful life, then the parents out of pure love may do bad things to the rich family. The poverty doesn’t justify their evil deeds but their evil deeds may glorify their love for their children to many eyes. Thankfully, human beings have appointed lawmen to check this.

A human being not only loves other human being but also the ideas they think are true and necessary. When this love for idea, may it be for one’s country or religion is completely blind and irrational then s/ he may do evil things for the sake of love of her/ his idea. This kind of love is pathological love which inspires evil.

The parts of the world suffering tremendously because of this irrational love of ideas have these people who are blinded and lack the capability to reason with people who differ from their ideas and employ violence to exhibit their love. Extremists of all kind strictly believe in what they love and fail to even have a look at the evil aspects of their belief or belief system.

Loving one’s ideas and respecting others as well seems to be a challenge to human mind when looked back at history or at an extremist’s idea of love. There are a large number of people who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to display the love for their ideas.

Evil idea arises when love of one idea inspires hatred of other. A belief system is faulty when it lacks tolerance of other one with no reason. A faulty belief system has elements of oppression of certain sect of people and confines the freedom of a human being and lacks the feature of evolution. What is the use of a belief system if it can’t change with time when the time itself is changing?

It is interesting to note that a human being may stop loving another human being using reason, but shedding a belief seems to be the most challenging task. How tremendous is the love for irrational beliefs that people with this love feel no guilt in harming others with different belief or lack of belief! How tremendously many people love their irrational beliefs that even the love for their own lives is inferior to it!

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