Why do Hindu Couples Take 7 Rounds in their Marriage?

Well, a person with pseudoscientific temperament would try to justify by claiming that the married couples go round the fire seven times (saat phere) because 7 is the only number from 0 to 9 which can not divide 360 degrees of a circle in whole numbers thus rendering the pair indivisible!

But in reality, it is for the following prayers.

1. In the first round, the couple prays for plenty of food.

2. In the second round, the couple prays to God for a healthy and prosperous life.

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3. In the third round, the couple prays for wealth.

4. In the fourth round, the couple prays for the increase in love and respect for each other and their respective families.

5. In the fifth round, the bride and groom together pray for the beautiful, heroic, and noble children.

6. In the sixth round, the couple asks for a peaceful long life with each other.

7. In the final seventh round, the couple prays to god for companionship, togetherness, loyalty, and understanding.

Where’s the maths? And how would taking seven rounds make a pair indivisible? Yes, seven cannot divide 360 in whole numbers but that doesn’t mean that taking seven circles would glue up a pair! Well, isn’t it primitive enough? Begging from things from a non-existent entity!

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