When You Help the Needy, Take Your Camera With You If You Want To

Well, I am not much of a helper. I work during daytime and write Facebook posts when I am free. While scrolling Facebook, sometimes I come across people who post photos of them helping the poor and needy. I generally do not do ‘helping the needy’ thing but when I see photos of poor people being helped I write posts like ‘when you help the needy, leave your camera behind’ and I get a lot of praise for that. What a beautiful thought they say.

Then I see a dream one day. Where people are helping the needy and taking the pictures of the scene and post them on Internet. I open the picture and zoom in and see that the people who posted the photos are helping the needy. I zoom in more and see that needy people are being helped. I zoom in more and see that needy people are happy for the help. I zoom in more and see the happy faces closely. I zoom in more and wake up.

Now, I change my view on this camera and show off thing. ‘Show off’ if you are helping the needy, I term it ‘inspire others’ to help. If taking your camera with you is inspiring others to help the needy then take it. It doesn’t matter what you are posting the photos for; whether to inspire others or to show off or just for fun. What matters is that the needy are being helped!

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