A Brief Essay on Sycophants

Sycophants (ass-kissers) are to be found all around. In most of the cases, a sycophant herself/ himself does not know that s/he is also one. Let’s first talk about the millions of sycophants who are always prepared with their tongue sticking out awaiting the arrival of a minister or some political leader. These sycophants are so large in number that it might include even you or me. It is quite interesting to note that these sycophants are the ones who choose and elect the so called powerful leaders and vest them with power to make lives of common people easier. But no! These people do not understand that they are the most powerful ones. They are prepared to lick the boots of their leader for personal gains. Well, go live forever with this chamchagiri!

After these political sycophants, we have bureaucratic sycophants who drool at the sight of one as if a bureaucrat is always ready to serve him/ her some food. These kind of people think that a bureaucrat is a god-like person with powers to change their lives all of a sudden. Some of these people are at some kind of fault and want the bureaucrats to ignore them which necessitates a little bit of boot-licking. Bureaucrats are not to be taken as people’s servants as per these people. These people are ready to give their daughters to these bureaucrats ‘just‘ because they know that these people can potentially earn a lot of under the table money. Till these people exist, corruption will live forever.

Then we have the all-rounder sycophants who are ready to act servile to all kinds of powerful people. These kind of people do not want to fall in line, because of their belief that they have personal links to various powerful people because of which s/he should be given a privileged position. They think that they can talk their way out of all kind of situations by naming all the people s/ he is acquainted with. As soon as they learn that naming powerful people makes things easy (for the other person may also be a sycophant), ass-kissing becomes their habit.

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