The Noisy Voices

Everyone focused on having a voice. On having a strong voice. Electronic social media provided a wonderful platform where everyone, even a pig has a voice.

It matters no more now as to what is a proper voice. Because the propriety of voice is dismissed by its loudness. And loudness is the new standard. People believe that if a large number of people are saying it then it must be a fact.

It is quite convenient to speak those things which you are believing since your childhood, which have percolated into your thoughts by your society. In earlier times, books and education were an antidote to that. But now, those who are in a pressing need to garnish their voice are precisely the ones who will run away from proper education and information towards propaganda. The crowd is large in that realm and the voice is loud no matter how inhuman or irrational it is.

The root of orthodoxy and resistance to change lies in either the lack of education or miseducation about society, nation, and human beings. To reiterate, it is quite easy to have an orthodox stance at things. For example, everyone told you in your childhood that Madheshis are fraudulent or Pahadis are uncouth. Now, in your adulthood, if you are not educated properly then you’d probably find yourself latched up to that perspective because it is convenient for you not to have a change of belief.

Hatred mostly comes out of misinformation. Human beings have a tendency to love what is known to them, for example, their pet dogs. And they are scared of and feel insecure about what is unknown to them, for example, a person of some other religion or nation.

In some instances, hatred comes out of information too. Like hatred of murderer, rapist, pedophile or vandals. This can be called a positive hatred. To generate this hatred, the features of a murderer, rapist, vandal or some other hateful person is associated with the unknown people in vain regardless of what they really are.

The only treatment of this disease of irrational hatred is to know people, communicate with people.

Now, those who hate some group of people may even claim to know those people through social media or through television or by hearsay which really is not knowing them.

The solution to the problem of misinformation, on the other hand, is to cultivate a desire for the right information with a scientific attitude. If you do not intend to understand what scientific means, then my friend, you are a goner.

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