When to Attack a Doctor?

Why do people attack doctors?

Doctors (of human beings) deal with human lives. They themselves are human beings too (of course). After going to medical school for five to fifteen years or more, they gain some knowledge about functioning of human body and how various external agents alter different processes going on inside. After being exposed to various treatment modalities and procedures in medical school and allowed by government regulatory body, they examine, diagnose and treat the patients. They try their best to save the patients’ life and whenever they feel that their knowledge is inadequate to deal, they take help of their seniors and experts on particular cases. But no matter how hard they try, sometimes they fail to save lives. Sometimes, other unfortunate events may occur while management of the patient.

Now, when relatives and close ones of people die then they fail to accept the situation at that instant. They begin to blame others. Some blame fate and destiny and what not while others blame doctors and attack them for failing to save life.

Can doctors make no mistakes? Can they commit no crime while treating patients?

Of course, doctors may make mistakes inadvertently. Some doctors may even try to harm the patient with criminal intentions.

If doctors can make mistakes or commit crimes leading to death of people, why do most of the doctors are against doctors being attacked by the relatives?

It is very simple to understand. Doctors can indeed make mistakes or may intentionally try to harm the patient or may simply neglect. But how would the mass of people know that the doctor has erred? Only the experts on related subject matter can find out that. For that, one has to file the case against the doctor(s) in the court and proceed lawfully. The unlawful judgement of masses can only harm the society, not only in the case of doctors but in other cases too.

What are the consequences of violence against doctors?

Doctors, unlike other professionals deal with human lives. If even after application of all her knowledge a doctor fails to save a life and gets beaten up or killed by a mob then how can the society expect the doctors to take risks in saving lives. The doctors will then begin weighing the involved risk in terms of their own lives and will refrain from trying to save the patient if the outcome seems poor. If doctors stop seeing what seem difficult cases to them, then the society can not hope the treatment of patients with life threatening conditions and illnesses.

The health sector as a whole will crawl down the path of regression. The patients who could have been saved would die in vain.

If unfortunate death of a patient leads to death or infirmity of a doctor, then a large number of patients are directly disadvantaged. In addition to that, the ominous pressure in the minds of doctors will lead to their poor functioning, for they are humans too. Who will get disadvantaged as a result? You, of course.

When to attack a doctor?

Now, after all this babbling, it is entirely up to you.

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