A Healer in Pain

What are you doing, my friend?
What are you doing?
Using your knowledge to heal?
Or to teach? Or to make?
Same thing everyday.
What are you doing, my friend?

You try your best to make,
to heal, on the pain to put a brake...
But what does he tell you?
When his pain does not go?
Stays like a leech on buffalo skin.
What does he call you?

And then when you try to sleep,
you dream of intellectuals
barking on some wall
wall that appears on LED screens
criticizing your inability
as if they know what you do.

As if, you know what nature does.
But my friend, you're responsible.
Responsible for the things you don't know.
Why don't you know, my friend?
Why don't you know what you are doing?
What are you doing, my friend?

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