The Scientific Basis of Astrology

“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.” – Sri Yukteswar (You can search a lot of amusing quotations from number of famous people in favor of Astrology quite easily on the Internet.)

Dear readers, you must be knowing that astrology is different from astronomy. Astronomy is the branch of science which deals with celestial bodies, space and various phenomena associated with them. Astronomy attempts to explain these applying physics, chemistry and mathematics. On the other hand, astrology is a cocksure science where uncertainty has very limited space. Astrology deals with bigger things and purposes like what does trips around the sun mean, and how the position of celestial bodies in the space affects our lives and determine our lives. People generally do not have affection for unsure stuffs so have an inherent propensity to love astrology. People who are in love with astrology neither need evidence or explanation nor question the validity of its propositions. I have attempted to explain the scientific bases of astrology in following paragraphs.

People who spend their whole day following propaganda of a certain religion and spewing of verbal venom everywhere they go find it immensely amusing how people of ancient times could and followers of those ancient models still can predict the eclipses with precision. Though it’s an easy-peasy stuff for science, the question that how could the ancient astrologers do it is a very big question in their mind. They seemingly lack the ability to understand that science is evolving everyday, it began with myths then tried to explain them and finally dismissed them for lack of evidence and reason. This is the first proof of how astrology is even more scientific than astronomy (partly because astronomy is boring for them).

The second argument, and I consider the second most important (the most important basis will be put forward soon) one put forward by the super-scientific beings in favor of astrology is – even before beginning the debate, if one thinks that astrology is unscientific and just a superstition then no matter how scientific and logical arguments they (the super-scientific beings) might put forward will be dismissed by him/her.

I would like to explain in this passage a clever argument that creates the foundation of astrology. Search on the Internet ‘famous people born in some particular year, say 1973 for example’, you will get a list of famous people. Thus the infallible argument gets its form as a question, ‘All of these people are famous and all of them are born in the same year. Coincidence? Think again. Of course, not!’ That’s it. Rest of the population who were born in that particular year are to be dismissed ruthlessly because there must have been some positional changes in planets and stars.

The planets to come in exactly the same position they are in now takes billions of years, so demanding the evidence for astrology is outright insolence they say. While astronomy dealing with the same celestial bodies applies different sciences to explain the universe with evidences and reason, astrology cannot because astrology is concerned with bigger things and has greater responsibilities. And as you very well know, heavy lies the crown. No time for evidence.

Besides all these clever arguments, the very important scientific basis is served shamelessly every morning by newspapers as horoscopes. You will first have to know what your horoscope is then you can read the newspaper and know how your day is going to turn out. So many newspapers publish it daily, and so many people believe and read horoscopes. What more scientific basis do you need?

The most important basis is you. If you are always seeking a master, be it visible or invisible to be his/her slave (a fan or a follower or a bhakt); then you will obviously find astrology scientific and form its concrete foundation.

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