Lies for Sale!

Why would I waste my time reading boring true news or verifying the authenticity of one when fake news is exciting and entertaining! In present time, online news is the most convenient method of information propagation. There are thousands of online news portals and most of them are spreading lies. Many of them seem to be owned by political parties of different nations to spread their propaganda and many of them by money-minded bloggers.

If the common people disagree with the party then they can, interestingly quite easily understand the intentions of party owned propaganda blogs. While the money-minded bloggers spread their lies just to draw the attention of audience to their sites to earn money. Most of these lies revolve around carnal myths and religion. They claim to know all the easy techniques to increase the size of male genitals and what not meanwhile forcing one to share the news of some miracle in the name of god. These lies attack all the soft corners of a human being.

These lies are not only limited to political propaganda, sex and religion; they might even come forward to give you fake education on economics. The manner in which the lies are told are quite intriguing. First the limited information of the audience is analysed, the weak spots are identified and the dreams and desires are noted. What would a rickshaw-puller want in the evening? A good dose of sexual myths would definitely relax his mind. Or the dreams of beautiful days by politicians. Or even the fastest ways to become a millionaire. The most exciting certainly would be stoning a beef-eater tomorrow till death on the street because eating cows causes famine.

After assessment of the audience, lies are fabricated in such a manner as to make the audience feel intelligent in their limited knowledge, weak spots are gently touched and exploited and dreams and desires are fulfilled falsely. Then as the lies are served through the online portals all the true news are masked heavily for the buyers.

Those who buy lies are convinced to such an extent by lies that they can not think otherwise. The general scientific truth becomes propaganda for them. For example, as we all can see how a serious matter of global climate change has been turned into a joke by liars and buyers dismissing it as a propaganda. Because of the complexity of the scenario, it is quite difficult to monitor these lies. So, it entirely depends on the audience whether they want to buy lies or crosscheck them?


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