Futile Criticism of Science by Religion

When the scientific world was celebrating fiftieth anniversary of first moon landing, some of the religious organizations were busy in creating, uploading and spreading videos to social media on Internet trying in vain to prove that moon landing was faked. One of the funniest claims spreading on Internet was that it is so cold on moon that no living being can survive there thus the moon landing was faked! The blatant stupidity! From where did the person who claimed so received the information about the temperatures on moon and missed the information about spacesuits? It can obviously be the prejudices acquired during upbringing inculcated by religious attitudes and thus making the person prone to receiving and accepting false claims suiting their fallacies.

Gaining trust of the people is a convenient job of religion because it doesn’t deal with reason, it deals with emotions. Thinking is not an easy job for everyone, on top of that thinking against all the childhood learning. Accepting change too is not everyone’s cup of tea.

The religious pundits are still stuck to the amazement in prediction of eclipses in ancient times while video-calling from Ason to Amsterdam doesn’t surprise them! It seems as if the precise prediction of eclipses is the greatest achievement of mankind for them and rest of all the advances are banal or stolen! Stolen, yes, from their religious scriptures!

Well, the lack of idea of proto-science seems to be the root of all these foolish questioning of science. Proto-sciences like alchemy and astrology were based on nascent scientific methods in ancient times which later developed in sciences like chemistry and astronomy respectively. Prediction of eclipses or other ancient theories about various aspects of life and nature were primitive forms of understanding which paved way for present day science which further is paving way for science of future. Science is not static, neither are its claims.

Science attempts to understand the universe using rational methods. And the understanding changes as new discoveries are made. Now, the job of religious charlatans since few centuries has been to constantly undermine the scientific attitude of mankind by impregnating them with fantastic irrational ideas.

Not one religious person talked about quantum mechanics in religion before foundation of quantum science. But now, they are borrowing few terms, spin-doctoring the complex principles of quantum science and misinforming people. Using these terms make them sound scientific giving weight to their false claims thus winning the trust of common people, even of scientific attitude.

A poem or an object of art may be interpreted in several ways. But as a discovery is made in science, then the religious pundits get a job of interpreting certain verse of their scriptures to fit the discovery. The following paragraph is taken from an article on a website (huffpost.com) written by a Hindu monk, let’s have a look.

On the other hand, Vedic philosophy tells us about the existence of another type of particle called the atma, the soul, the self, having different properties from those of ordinary particles.This is not unusual in physics, as is the case with antimatter particles. But unlike the ordinary matter and antimatter particles, the atma has 3 main qualities: eternality, knowledge and bliss. Eternality can be analyzed as follows: the atma does not come into or out of existence, it is always present. It does not decay or degrade, it maintains its individuality always, it’s infinitesimally small and it’s not composed of more elementary particles. It’s unchangeable, which along with the individuality property implies that it does not unite with other particles to create more complex structures, nor does it merge with others. The atma does not interact directly with matter, but given that the atma is the source of consciousness and the life force in a living entity, any entity displaying them reveals the presence of an atma in it—whether human, animal, plant, etc. The living entities are not made up of atmas; rather, they are these particles and are animating the material bodies that encase them. As soon as the atma leaves one body for another, the old body no longer exhibits consciousness or life symptoms, and begins to degrade. The knowledge property refers to its cognizance about its constitutional position, its source and its interactions with the source. Bliss refers to its natural state of happiness in service to God.

How scientific it sounds! But where were the monks before foundation of quantum physics? And, now by wrapping up their lies in the case of quantum physics they are attempting to claim that quantum physics was already there in some poetic form.

Using scientific discoveries to say that science is still immature while wondering at the ancient science, the vain attack of religion on science only looks stupid.

Now, there are mystics who claim themselves not to be religious but spiritual; but by their words and actions they are most definitely religious. Let’s take a look at a short clip from the interview of a popular mystic of India (and have a good dose of laughter).

In the video above, we see how the mystic uses evolution and genetics to make a fool out of himself. This is the hypocrisy of religion, and has always been.

But thankfully, the attacks by religion on science are futile.

May reason prevail.

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