The Unnecessary Rebellion of Netra Bikram Chand (Biplav) in Nepal

Maoist Revolution from 1996 to 2006 was to overthrow the monarchy and establish a People’s Republic. Over 17,000 people died during the conflict. People die in an armed struggle, but the deaths can not be justified at all. No political agenda is worth dying for. It was definitely not an easy task to overthrow the monarchy but armed struggle most certainly was the worst of choices. But it’s a history. Better if forgotten, no matter how hard it is and embrace the positive change it has brought.

Netra Bikram Chand also known as Biplav has seen how insurgency ended with a peace talk and how the country has turned into a democratic federal republic. But it seems that he desires more bloodshed. He is dissatisfied at the moderation of Pushpa Kamal Dahal and wants to impose his extremist political ideology with no compromise. It is interesting to note that it doesn’t occur to him that in a democracy, if he truly believes in his ideology, he can form a political party, win the faith of people and then win the elections and institutionalize his ideology. It doesn’t occur to him at all. He seems to be insistent on using only ideological weapons he knows – gun and gunpowder, they are no ideological weapons but to him he sees no choice, to instill fear among people rather than win their faith.

There is neither a monarchy to overthrow or an autocratic regime nor a lack of political platform from which he can put forward his demands and fight for them. Yet he chooses guns! The sheer terrifying stupidity of him!

Biplav’s demands, whatever they are, if are good for the people then he must raise his voice for them not guns. The country has seen enough guns and heard enough gunshots. In a democratic republic, if you have to use gun to put forward your demands then no matter how good your demands are you are just another terrorist.

As per himself, he has an intense thirst of blood of Nepalese politicians after killing whom he desires to appoint his party members as the leaders of this country. He really does think that this shall solve all the problems.

All the problems in his mind has arisen, it seems due to force feeding of a single kind of amusing political philosophy while entirely dismissing the alternative ones. If only, he manages time to read or listen and understand other kinds of political philosophies and try to appreciate the beauty of democracy, non-violence and humanity he might calm down. And if he doesn’t, it is imperative for the state to control him in all possible ways to prevent the damage to the people of this country.

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