The Problems of an Average Student

Every parents want their children to grow into geniuses. [Not every parents actually, I must tell you. There are a millions of parents who are pretty well convinced that they are always going to stay poor and dumb.] The existing system of education easily helps to point out the best, worst and average students. The best of the students are going to secure the highest marks; and once the results show them and their parents that they are the best then they are bound to constantly be under pressure of securing the achievement.

To top the class, one has to study hard. Some of these toppers are true geniuses who enjoy reading and exploring new stuffs while others read or parrot just to keep their prestigious position safe. The whole of the school knows the toppers, they are the heroes of the school. And then there are villains too; the teachers paint them with the colors of villainy. The lowest ranking students! Everyone is instructed not to be like them. Now, there may be several causes for them to fall in low ranks. Some of them might be just average students who didn’t study hard enough to score good marks while others might be just lazy to read or unable to catch what the books or the teachers tell.

The greatest of problems with the average students is that they draw little attention while the toppers are praised and the lowest ranking ones are scolded or inspired. The teachers and their parents know very well that they will perform fair enough in future too. Nothing extraordinary is usually expected of them when something special is expected even from the lowest ranking ones. Somehow, people come to think that there must be something genius in them to perform so poorly in the examinations. Once in a while, students of this rank prove the guess.

The average students read books for enough time to pass the exams and most of the times engage themselves in various average stuffs like playing if they get opportunity, helping their parents if they are asked to help, watching television and playing with the phone till they get bored, taking frequent naps and eating frequently and doing things they like. It’s not that other classes of students do not take part in these activities, but it’s the average class of students who dedicate most of their time to these. A fully grown frustrated adult student may find the features of average student just perfect for life. There is no doubt that the lives of average students are as pointless as everyone else but the features of an average student are most certainly not perfect, as per the conventions.

A big problem for an average student arises when one or more of his siblings turn out to be toppers. Things turn pretty dark for them. The attention decreases so drastically that the average sibling doesn’t even think of achieving anything and goes on living simple average life. The school bus arrives and an average student gets in the bus, the school arrives and s/he gets in the classroom, plays with the friends during interval, school is over and s/he returns back to home. The examination comes and s/he takes the examination, the results get published and s/he passes and if fails then passes in another attempt. An average student goes on living like this, achieving only what is necessary and doing and learning things only which are necessary and spending rest of the time in what s/he really likes. It is only later in life that the toppers and the lowest ranking ones begin to envy them.

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